CreativeCommonsLogoFrom our minds to yours… the stuff i want to share with you. everything is released under creative commons. attribution is only necessary when you redistribute any of these files. adding my name (minz) with a link to my blog ( will suffice.

to download, click the folder icon and select ‘save link as…’ in your browser (usually right-click).

dj mixes – Creative Commons License

07/08/07 – sound of stereo mix [tracklisting]
11/05/07 – back to the beat mix [tracklisting]

samples – Creative Commons License

minz fm drum samples (battery3)
minz fm drum samples (live8 drum rack)
minz kick drum samples

presets – Creative Commons License

minz korg ms20 presets
minz sonic charge synplant presets
minz korg polysix bank

ableton live racks – Creative Commons License

minz operator kick patch (live 8)
minz operator kick presets (live 8)
m/s stereo enhancer (live7)
m/s stereo enhancer (live7)
m/s side reverb (live7)